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Education system , INDIA vs USA

Differences between education systems in India and US:

1. You appear for online tests like GRE, GMAT, TOEFL for getting into US universities. While you appear for offline entrance tests like JEE, BITSET, NET for getting into Indian universities . Though, things are changing in India now and some entrance tests are conducted online as well.

2. Though, you need to have good marks in online tests, still, you need to show SOP(statement of purpose) and good recommendations for getting admissions in US. While in India you just have to get good ranks in entrance tests. 3. Education in India is not as creative as in US. e.g. in US, you are required to not just study books but implement them as well - by rigging some circuits, or building machines, robots. You have to do presentations often(almost every week, sometimes 4-5 presentations in a day). You appear for mock tests, quizzes that are mandatory and carry marks for final grading. 4. In India, you can copy in assignments, exams. In US, you can but then if you get caught, you can get 0 in that subject or on subsequent time - you can be out of university or country. 5. In US, there is more emphasis on overall learning through classes, assignments, projects, presentations, group discussions. In India, more emphasis is on classes & books and somehow getting good marks. 6.  In US, you get to choose your subjects to study in a course. In India, you get fixed no of subjects from university. 7. In US, you can work off campus for longer periods that in India during your course work. There you get CPT and OPT during degree courses. CPT is for 11 months while OPT is ~2 years. So, you get at least 3 years of industry work experience while you are studying. 8. In US, there is no reservation based on caste, creed, religion unlike in India. So, everyone gets a fair and transparent chance to compete with each other for resources - be it may for scholarships or for on campus jobs. Merit rules there!   blog is just for knowledge purpose, hope it will help you.                                                         - Naman Bhatnagar                                                             ( std class 11th )

Sources -  www.ed.Gov ( council of board of school education in United states), (council of board of school education in India)


Originally Posted on 21st December 2016 by Naman Bhatnagar on Bloggers

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