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ALUMNI COLUMN Featured Article (School)

I am Naman Bhatnagar, currently pursuing my bachelor's in Mass Communica tion. I am engineering dropout and proud Alumni of SRN International, and to be honest, I have learnt a lot from this abode of knowledge called SRN, and the funny part I didn't realise that when I was studying there, as a student I was good in Academics, I am NTSE Scholar and National Olympiad Champion (in English and Science) and had won several debates And MUN as well, and apart from that I am also National Skating Player, and I can't deny the fact that I have accomplished all of this because my teachers supported me in honing my skills and my decision making

The fact is, it is very hard in today's world to outstand the crowd, all of us want to be treated special and superior than other, but for that, we never try unique ways, instead we copy someone who is already a successful person or might have achieved a lot, but if you ask me the key for Success, I will say, if you believe in yourself, you can achieve that undoubtedly.

I am currently appointed as The Chief Executive officer (CEO) for AiD (An Ini initiative for Development) Organization, and icing on the cake is. I am also The Founder and President for AiD.M.U.N Youth wing Program. The thing which is to be notified here is I have achieved this much as such an young age because I believed in myself, my potential and capabilities which was instilled in me long back by my school mentors. Nothing in this world is unachievable, you have to give just one thought to it and no one can stop you. At last I want to encapsulate by saying that, Dream Big, and Inspire to Aspire.

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1 Comment

Naman Bhatnagar
Naman Bhatnagar
Dec 24, 2021

It was a pleasure!

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