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A guy exploring around & trying different things while Chasing Dreams of becoming the promising young Method Actor the world has yet to see.

Film Set


Persuading Speaker, Promising listener, Expressive and creative personality with a high IQ, an understanding of Video editing with proficiency in scriptwriter, cinematography, & with mindful of various  Acting forms with my favourite The Method Acting. 


Associate with Shambhala Production (SBC, Mumbai) —2021-2022

Undertook as an ally learner and acted in a few digital Ads, Instagram videos & short films furthermore functioned as an Assistant Director & DOP (Director of Photography ) in occasional projects.

 Member of Secriterate, AID.MUN — 2020-2021

As a project head (President) under AID Organisation and AID Sansthan(NGO) for Organizing Model United Nation Conferences.

Second Camera Assistant, Diploma Film (FTII) — 2019 (March-May)

Initially worked as a Clap boy, got promoted to Second camera Assistant during the shooting of the film (Nalini) directed by Mazar Kamran.

Assistant Director, IPTA Jaipur (Theatre) — 2018-2019

Started as a junior intern, and was an Assistant Director for managing backstage crew members and cast for various shows.

HR & Communication head, AID Sansthan (NGO) — 2015-2019

Started as an Intern in 2015, was promoted to assistant marketing strategist in 2018, & again got promoted to the Communication and Marketing team as team leader.

Founder AID Organisation - 2020